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If you want to find a great WordPress theme for celebrity blog, you must first know what you are looking for. Celebrity blogs are among the most popular types of blogs online, and so if you expect to get any kind of traffic, you will definitely have to have a blog that stands out from the millions of blogs that are already established on the Internet. The first thing that you must realize is that no matter what WordPress theme that you choose for your celebrity blog, you must absolutely be able to customize that theme to become a unique expression of your love (or hate) for that particular celebrity or industry or group of celebrities.

Celebrity Blogs: People love them. Here: Paris Hilton!

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You can very easily begin with the template, but because most celebrity blogs are put online by people who do not necessarily understand how to create a website, you must realize that most celebrity blogs are formulated from templates. This means that you will have to customize your blog a great deal in order to differentiate it from the many other celebrity blogs that are already online.

However, once you have chosen your WordPress theme for your celebrity blog, is very easy to customize it and make it look unique. However, perhaps the number one concern that should differentiate your blog from other blogs is the content that you put on top of the WordPress theme. You must do your best to have unique content in order to drive unique traffic to your celebrity blog.

When choosing your WordPress theme, you also want to make sure that you choose a theme that is relevant to the audience of your celebrity. For instance, if your celebrity is on a purple cape lately, then your blog should reflect that color so that the fans of that celebrity will make an immediate correlation between your blog and the style of dress or color scheme promoted by the celebrity him or herself. You can also do this with the fonts that are used on your blog by matching them with the fonts that your celebrity uses on marketing materials.

I would say, “Red Carpet” from deluxethemes is the best free wp-theme for celebrity blogs, check it out:

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