WoW Patch 4.3

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The final patch before WoW’s next expansion has finally been released, and players are ecstatic. You can finally avenge the fallen victims of the cataclysm and kill the famed Deathwing! Deathwing’s fight is pretty unique because it is the first time a raid boss has ever been able to fight in both dragon and human form. Deathwing is able to morph between his forms, each one has its own set of abilities and requires a different strategy to fight. If you are able to slay him however, the gear you will receive looks amazing! If you like red/black armor with plenty of spikes, then you will love Deathwing’s gear.

That is pretty much the main thing released in patch 4.3, along with the announcement of the next expansion. Players were pretty surprised at the newest race, the panda. The newest class is the monk. Sounds like Kung Fu Panda anyone?

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