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The programs in the WebScripts collection are compatible with Perl version 5. (A few are still compatible with version 4, as well, but that shouldn’t really be an issue, since very few servers still offer only Perl 4.) Perl is a reasonably portable language, and can be utilized on pretty much any server. However, as my scripts are designed for UNIX, they may require slight modification before they’ll work on NT or other non-standard servers. Since I’m not familiar with those other servers, I won’t likely be able to answer questions related specifically to them. But posting queries on the support forums will likely find others who are already using the scripts on the server type you’re working with, and who can answer any questions that may arise.


As a general rule, you’re much better off installing any CGI script on your server on your own rather than having someone else do it for you; that way, you’ll know exactly how it works, and know how to modify its configuration if the need arises. Installation of my scripts really isn’t very difficult, and I’ve attempted to provide all the information you need to get the scripts up and running in the documentation and FAQs files. You shouldn’t have any trouble getting any of my scripts running, and of course, the support forums are available if you do run into any problems.

I don’t generally provide “individualized” versions of the scripts, though you are welcome to modify them for your own use in any way you see fit (so long as you don’t redistribute them). If you’re looking for a specific new capability or performance modification, though, by all means, feel free to ask about it. While I probably won’t create a special version of one of the scripts just for you, if the request is likely to be of more general interest, I very well may work it into the next “official” release.


Many questions are addressed in the program documentation files and in the FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) files. Additional questions, comments, requests and bug reports can of course be posted on one of the support forums.

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