Dark Knight Rises

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Every big money movie seems to be followed by a high definition digital game. Dark Knight Rises the game will roughly follow the movie, but might include some of its own twisted features. The truth of the matter is that neither the movie or the game has been released and will not until later this year. The trailer has already been released, as well as some scintillating clues by the developer. Like the movie, the major premise of the game will be the characters Cat Woman and Bane. The trailer focuses on bane, who is less comic and much more brutal in this representation. Cat Woman remains an enigma for most of the game, and has a few confrontations with Batman. The police are of course chasing batman as the assumed killer of several people, and the end result is a long chase around a hauntingly beautiful city at night.

Game Trailer: Dark Knight rises

Dark Knight Rises features extremely realistic graphics and fight scenes patterned after live models. There are tons of gadgets and realistic carnage. Models for enemy bodies follows conventional laws of biomechanics, and when they fall down, it looks real. On the whole, Dark Knight Rises is another graphically outstanding game, but in spite of the great look and technical specs, is not brilliant in terms of plot line. It is another game designed to be bought by fans, and rides off the movie. It is not compelling enough to be a great story in its own right.

The Dark Knight rises!
dark knight

Tron Evolution for Playstation 3

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If you’ve gotten the TRON: Evolution game for your Playstation 3, you may be wondering how such an antique film-turned-game can keep today’s youth and video game players entertained. You probably think that the popularity of the TRON movie should have raised the bar for the accompanying game. It’s unfortunate that that didn’t happen. And if you don´t like the game – just listening to the great soundtrack produced by the french electro-house gods “Daftpunk” will hammer a smile in your face!

Tron Evolution for Playstation 3 (beware of the french, harhar)

TRON: Evolution for PS3 leaves a lot to be desired. While it’s awesome when it comes to multiplayer options, the perks basically stop there. Evolution attempts to close the gap between today’s high-tech movies and what was cutting edge graphics for 1982. The characters don’t look nearly as good as they could – or should – and the graphics aren’t all that interesting. The animation is rigid, which is unfortunate because the characters can actually perform some pretty cool moves.

Tron Evolution for Playstation 3 – looks great!
tron evolution

At first glance, the world in which your character gets to play is pretty awesome, thanks to the neon blue lights and glow in the dark atmosphere. This gets old quickly, though, and the game stages fail to evolve from level to level. Except for the orange level and the green level, there’s not much differentiation, which makes getting to the next level anticlimactic.

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