Some of Ipad 2′s Best Apps

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Apple’s second generation of the tablet computer, the Ipad 2, offers such things as audio-visual books, movies, music and even web content. The hardest thing about it though is the thousands of apps that the Apple product offers. Thanks to the Ipad 2′s powerful A5 processor, better and more improved apps than it’s predecessor exist. Well, here’s a few favorites that users have found through the many options available on the mini-computer. Before any other app is mentioned, Angry Birds always has to be thown in as a favorite, as it has even been put in the Guinness World Record Book with over two hundred million downloads on different platforms. Through the Ipad 2 though, the game is presented in High Definition. There is also a related game, called Angry Birds Rio, that has become quite popular with its relation to the Rio movie.

For the music lovers out there, the GarageBand app is available as it also was on the first versison of the Ipad. Many enhancements have been made to the app though, as the screen not only sees where it is touched but how hard it is hit as well. With the “Smart Instrument” utility, users no longer have be to able to play good music to make good sound. The auto-play feature allows use of your hands to change the keys, making it an easier experience to make great sound with little effort involved.

For those who prefer the adventurous games, Infinity Blade has improved greatly in graphics compared to it’s predecessor. As a warrior whose father was murdered by an evil warlord, in this app you head into a castle and fight through several monsters to reach him. This app is pretty much a must-have for those who are looking for little fighting and adventure on their Ipad 2.

Last, but certainly not least, Real Racing 2 HD caters to the high-speed racing game fans out there. Thanks to the App being High Definition, an HDMI adapter can actually be plugged into the Ipad 2 and can then be played on an HDTV with full 1080p. While it’s running on the TV, the tablet will display a real time map location. Even if your not a racing fan, it’s pretty hard to pass up on an app like this one.

Apps for the Motorola RAZR

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Apps for the Motorola RAZR are not only information based but are entertainment based. A favorite app for the Motorola RAZR is the Java-OS Sodoku 1.40 software app. This is a purely mind melting puzzle app that will delight the brainiacs and fun loving puzzle fans on smart phones. This 1.40 Sodoku app for a Motorola RAZR is a portable version of this very cherished crossword puzzle. When looking at a Sodoku crossword, no words are to be found, just numbers. It really is a numbers game and has taken the world by storm because it is possible to play this game anywhere with the Sodoki 1.40 app. The way to win Sodoku is to master the ability to fill each square, row and column with a number from one to nine. The rules prohibit using any repeated numbers in each part. The 1.40 free version will allow players to stay amused all the way to work on their commute, while playing Sodoku. This app will only work on Java enabled mobile operating systems.

There is a newer version of the Sodoku 1.40 that will be full screen enabled, which is an improvement over the previous release. There are some preferred novel features included and also a second theme than with the previous version.

Be Razor sharp on a RAZR with the Cambridge Advanced Learner’s Dictionary app, and get 170,000 definitions for words and phrases. Find new words that were added such as ‘clickable,’ and ‘lairy.’ Examples are also given with usage in full sentences for over 90,000 words. Error notes, called 200 Common Learner Error notes, are included along with 25,000 collocations. The second edition of the Cambridge Advanced Learner’s Dictionary will put updates at the fingertips of RAZR smart phone users along with the new mini box feature for collocations. Words are highlighted when they are rated the most important to learn. This app will ensure that its users will ace those English quizzes and exams.

The Appy v.1.4 Java based touchscreen app will offer a feel like iPhone effect with various programs such as Sports, Traffic, Stocks, Movies, Games and News. Not having an iPhone does not have to be a limitation for RAZR users. The APPY simulates all those great information apps using java touch software. The APPY gives mobile business tools with access to mobile news and entertainment news on or off line.

Best Word Processing App for IPad 2

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If you are looking for the best word processing app for the Apple iPad 2, the following are the applications receiving the most attention at present. What follows is a list of four, beginning with the as yet best rated by customer reviews on the iTunes App Store.

iA Writer by Information Architects, Inc.
If you are looking for a simple and straight-to-the-point word processor, this app offers a no-distraction interface. By removing the multitude of options for formatting what you are writing, iA Writer creates basic formatting on its own, allowing you to focus on your writing. And speaking of focus, this application has a unique FocusMode which eliminates the tendency to cross-edit what you have already written. Importing and exporting as plain text, iA Writer syncs flawlessly with iCloud, Dropbox, the built-in Mail program and iTunes File Sharing. Currently priced at a discounted rate of $1.99 in the iTunes App Store, iA Writer holds a customer review rating of a solid 4 stars.

Pages by Apple, Inc.
Created by the makers of the iPad 2, the Pages application allows you to view and edit Pages ’09 (.pages), Microsoft Word (.doc and .docx) and plain text (.txt) files, while exporting under your choice of Pages ’09, Microsoft Word or PDF extenstions. With a drag and drop feature, this app syncs to iCloud and automatically keeps documents up to date across all iOS devices. Pages includes 16 Apple templates, the use of the onscreen or a wireless keyboard, as well as charts and tables for organizing data. iTunes File Sharing allows for easily importing from Mail, the web, a WebDAV service or any other PC or Mac computer. Currently priced at $9.99 in the iTunes App Store, the Pages app holds a 3.5 star rating for the currently released version and 4 stars for all versions.

Office2 HD by Byte2
This application offers a complete office suite for your IPad 2, allowing you to open, view, create and edit files from Microsoft Word, Excel and Powerpoint. A video providing an overview of the program can be found here: Office2 easily connects to stored documents from Google Docs, DropBox and MobileMe iDisk. Byte2 also offers a more basic app which works only with .doc and .docx formats, Doc2 HD. Currently priced at $7.99, Office2 carries an average of 3 stars in the iTunes App Store.

Documents to Go Premium Office Suite by Data Viz, Inc.
Doc2Go offers similar services as the Office2 Suite listed above. With the same rating of 3 stars, this app is priced at $16.99 through iTunes App Store.

Best Travel Apps for iPad 2

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When planning your next vacation, whether you’re flying or driving, there is no better travel companion than the iPad 2. With hundreds of travel apps to choose from you’re sure to find exactly what you need to make your trip go as smoothly as possible. Let’s take a look at some of the more helpful travel apps for the iPad 2.

Before your trip begins you’ll want to download Essential Travel Checklist. This app offers separate checklists for every aspect of preparing for your trip from pre-trip preparations to things to pack for the kids and what to keep in your carry on so you can travel with peace of mind that you’ve forgotten nothing. is a simple and fast way to find and reserve one of over 175,000 hotels. This app allows you to enter your destination city and accommodation details and will give you a list of area hotels along with pricing and a brief description of each one.

If you’re going to be flying, FlightTrack Pro is an excellent app for keeping up to date on flight status, gate changes and weather reports. If your flight gets delayed or cancelled you can easily find other flights without getting out of line. With the offline feature you can even access your flight route while in the air.

No vacation would be complete without access to Tripadvisor. There is no better recommendation for a hotel, restaurant or entertainment venue than one from someone who has been there and done that. It even allows you to write and post your own reviews.

Tripadvisor App for the iPhone

Yelp offers a quick link to any type of business you may need. Whether it’s a dry cleaner for that mishap during dinner, the nearest gas station to top off your tank, or a specialty store to shop for that perfect gift, Yelp provides information and reviews provided by the locals of the town you’re in.

There are hundreds more apps for iPad 2 ranging from GPS apps to games for keeping the kids entertained. Search the web for the apps that best suit your needs. Many are free, and others are offered for a minimal fee.

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