Apps for the Motorola RAZR

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Apps for the Motorola RAZR are not only information based but are entertainment based. A favorite app for the Motorola RAZR is the Java-OS Sodoku 1.40 software app. This is a purely mind melting puzzle app that will delight the brainiacs and fun loving puzzle fans on smart phones. This 1.40 Sodoku app for a Motorola RAZR is a portable version of this very cherished crossword puzzle. When looking at a Sodoku crossword, no words are to be found, just numbers. It really is a numbers game and has taken the world by storm because it is possible to play this game anywhere with the Sodoki 1.40 app. The way to win Sodoku is to master the ability to fill each square, row and column with a number from one to nine. The rules prohibit using any repeated numbers in each part. The 1.40 free version will allow players to stay amused all the way to work on their commute, while playing Sodoku. This app will only work on Java enabled mobile operating systems.

There is a newer version of the Sodoku 1.40 that will be full screen enabled, which is an improvement over the previous release. There are some preferred novel features included and also a second theme than with the previous version.

Be Razor sharp on a RAZR with the Cambridge Advanced Learner’s Dictionary app, and get 170,000 definitions for words and phrases. Find new words that were added such as ‘clickable,’ and ‘lairy.’ Examples are also given with usage in full sentences for over 90,000 words. Error notes, called 200 Common Learner Error notes, are included along with 25,000 collocations. The second edition of the Cambridge Advanced Learner’s Dictionary will put updates at the fingertips of RAZR smart phone users along with the new mini box feature for collocations. Words are highlighted when they are rated the most important to learn. This app will ensure that its users will ace those English quizzes and exams.

The Appy v.1.4 Java based touchscreen app will offer a feel like iPhone effect with various programs such as Sports, Traffic, Stocks, Movies, Games and News. Not having an iPhone does not have to be a limitation for RAZR users. The APPY simulates all those great information apps using java touch software. The APPY gives mobile business tools with access to mobile news and entertainment news on or off line.

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