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The Internet has changed how businesses advertise and to whom. 10 years ago, businesses may have invested some money or resources into the world wide web but now businesses have to invest. So many millions of people visit the Internet every hour of every day that the Internet has become the biggest place to advertise. Schools, places of worship, businesses, and charities all need to get their information out onto the web. The problem is that many places do not have the money or resources to pay a lot for a web site design. Many companies, or non for profit organizations, do not have the resources to compete with Fortune 500 companies. One of the best places to turn for an affordable web site design is WordPress.

Affordable Web Site Design with wordpress
Wordpress is a free blogging tool with many twists and turns for many different varieties of businesses. It is part of a type of software called Content Management System, or CMS for short. WordPress is the most popular and most downloaded of all the CMS’ in existence. What makes WordPress so neat and usable is its dashboard. A dashboard is a control center for your web site. This dashboard is one of the easiest to use and does not change the content even when you change the design of your web site. Another great feature of WordPress is that is has over 17,000 plugins. A plugin is an addition to your web site, or page, such as: video players, virus scanners, graphic software, and Microsoft office. These plugins can be added to your web site and make the experience for the people who are browsing a lot more enjoyable. Another great feature of WordPress is that it is also supported as an application for smart phones. IPhones and Droid users can download their WordPress ap and have unlimited access to your WordPress web site.

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