Adventures of TinTin: Official Trailer

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The Adventures of Tintin is based on the movie written by Peter Jackson and Steven Spielberg. The game features non-stop action from start to finish. You have the option of taking the role of Tintin, Captain Haddock or Snowy (the dog). You also have the opportunity to unlock some other characters as well. In addition, you can play solo or with friends.

Check out the official trailer of “The Adventures of TinTin”

If you can imagine yourself flying a plane in various settings, driving a side-car in the desert, swimming through underwater caves all while solving puzzles along the way; you’re going to enjoy this game. It’s filled with 5+ hours of entertainment, mystery and adventure. Since this game was made in close collaboration with the filmmakers. The characters, environments and high quality graphics are well above average and much like those in the movie.

Your adventure is not over once you maneuver to the end of the game; now you have the chance to use your PS3 Move, Xbox Kinect or Wii remote to reenact many of the game’s non-platforming moments using your motion controls in a series of challenges. For example, you can learn to parry and stab in the sword fighting sequences just to name a few.

adventures of tintin
Adventures of TinTin

The Adventures of Tintin is available in the following formats: PC, DS, PSP, PS3, Wii, and Xbox 360. It will be a sure crowd pleaser for children as well as some adults.

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