Some of Ipad 2′s Best Apps

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Apple’s second generation of the tablet computer, the Ipad 2, offers such things as audio-visual books, movies, music and even web content. The hardest thing about it though is the thousands of apps that the Apple product offers. Thanks to the Ipad 2′s powerful A5 processor, better and more improved apps than it’s predecessor exist. Well, here’s a few favorites that users have found through the many options available on the mini-computer. Before any other app is mentioned, Angry Birds always has to be thown in as a favorite, as it has even been put in the Guinness World Record Book with over two hundred million downloads on different platforms. Through the Ipad 2 though, the game is presented in High Definition. There is also a related game, called Angry Birds Rio, that has become quite popular with its relation to the Rio movie.

For the music lovers out there, the GarageBand app is available as it also was on the first versison of the Ipad. Many enhancements have been made to the app though, as the screen not only sees where it is touched but how hard it is hit as well. With the “Smart Instrument” utility, users no longer have be to able to play good music to make good sound. The auto-play feature allows use of your hands to change the keys, making it an easier experience to make great sound with little effort involved.

For those who prefer the adventurous games, Infinity Blade has improved greatly in graphics compared to it’s predecessor. As a warrior whose father was murdered by an evil warlord, in this app you head into a castle and fight through several monsters to reach him. This app is pretty much a must-have for those who are looking for little fighting and adventure on their Ipad 2.

Last, but certainly not least, Real Racing 2 HD caters to the high-speed racing game fans out there. Thanks to the App being High Definition, an HDMI adapter can actually be plugged into the Ipad 2 and can then be played on an HDTV with full 1080p. While it’s running on the TV, the tablet will display a real time map location. Even if your not a racing fan, it’s pretty hard to pass up on an app like this one.

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