Games for the Samsung Galaxy S2

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Any smartphone owner will tell you that two of the biggest features on the phones that they enjoy are the applications and games that can be downloaded to the phone. With great media features that come with the phone, the games that are available for the device are even more appealing. Whether they are free games or paid ones, you can find a vast array to meet your needs.

The Samsung Galaxy S2 – a good phone for games?

One of the more popular games available is Angry Birds. This game has become extremely popular on all smartphone devices and has quickly grown into a global favorite. Catapulting birds into buildings has never been more popular and this is proof of that. Any owner of the Samsung Galaxy S II should download this one right away.

Real Football 2011 is a great option for any soccer fan out there. With decent graphics, the game plays very well. You can jump into the action on the free version and play an exhibition game or simply try out penalty kicks. The speaker on the phone is a great feature which enhances the game play immensely.

GT Racing is a game for those racing fans. You can jump into a quick race or begin a career. Pick your car type along with the colors and features to make the racing experience more true to life. The graphics look great on the screen and the tilting feature on your phone, make the game so much more fun. Any racing fan or car fan in general would love to have this on their phone.

Tegra 2 is a fun game which involved using a speed boat. Much like GT Racing, you turn as your title your phone. The graphics on this game, along with the other games looks phenomenal. There is a lot realism with the waves as you ride and the scenes in the background really give you a great presentation. With different places to race in, you get a real variety.

Brothers in Arms 2 is a great option for those that are more into shooting games. There is a free version available for you to download to try out before purchasing. It is like most first person shooters as you go through a forest doing battle with the enemies. The HD availability of the game looks spectacular and paying to play the entire game would be worth it for any first person shooter fan.

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