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It seems that everywhere you turn that someone is working on their laptop. Laptops are more prevalent now than personal home computers. You can charge up your laptop and take it to work, school, vacation, or just use it on the sofa in your house. So many people now have laptops that people need to make sure that their investment is protected. One of the best ways to make sure that your valuable laptop is taken care of is to invest in an iSkin Silo laptop bag. There are many designs that will fit all of your fashion looks. They are durable and will fit just about any laptop on the market.

iSkin is the leader in fashionable and cool laptop bags. These bags are not just an ordinary laptop bag that you can pick up at the big chain stores. These bags give maximum protections from damage that can occur during your rush to work or school. The iSkin Silos come in three styles. The first style is the “Slim” style. The slim is compact and can easily slip in a carrying bag or even a large purse. It is made of the most durable material and features an easy removal pull out tab. This tab is really cool because it helps slide out your laptop for easy and safe removal. The Slim also has an external pocket for your accessories or car keys.

The second style of iSkin laptop bag is the “Tote”. The Tote is build inside like a purse. Even with your laptop and power cords, you will find plenty of space in the other interior pockets. The tote is simply like carrying a shoulder bag with the convenience of also containing your laptop. The bottom of your Tote has metal studs that keep it off of the floor to keep your Tote from becoming filthy. On those taxi rides, or subway, the Tote will stay as clean as the day you bought it. The third type of iSkin laptop bag is the “Messenger”. The Messenger has a lot of interior pockets as well including a secret pocket for maximum protection. The Messenger also has a woven strap that is extremely comfortable and gives the Messenger a casual business look. Whichever look you are looking for, iSkin has it covered with the absolute best in laptop bags. It is the perfect mix of fashion and practicality.

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