WebTester is a handy site management tool, the primary purpose of which is to check your site for broken links. It will report both on missing files and on those which exist but aren’t referenced. It can also check the validity of your external links. (That way, if someone moves or removes a page to which you’ve linked, you’ll know that the link needs to be updated!) The script is fairly robust; in addition to following “straight” links, it will also parse and follow links in image maps, in text embedded via SSIs, and (optionally) in CGI-generated pages. It will let you know the effective “download” file size of your pages, and will provide estimates of how long they’ll take to download at various connection speeds. Finally, it can create for you a simple “site map” showing, in outline format, all of your site’s pages. (The site map can be included via SSIs on other pages.)

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WebTester Documentation
WebTester Documentation Part 1
WebTester Documentation Part 2

Download compressed Archive Webtester: webtester_files.zip

Single Files included in this free download:
* webtester.pl: This is the main program file. You don’t actually need to do anything to it; in fact, you don’t even have to execute it.
* config.pl: This is the configuration file. Most everything you need to change or modify is contained here. This is also the file that you will execute. (Things are set up this way so that you can effectively maintain multiple versions of the script, for example if you want to run separate site checks for different sites, just by keeping separate config files for each.)

NOTE: WebTester requires the “find.pl” module. This is part of the standard distribution of Perl, and should be available on your system. If, however, for some reason it is not, you can obtain it here.