WebSearch allows users to search for key words in documents located on your Web site. It searches the basic text of the documents, as well as ALT text and any information contained in META “keywords” and “description” tags. The script scores the match URLs based upon the frequency with which the requested key terms appear in the documents, and also lists the date on which each file was last modified. You can easily configure the number of matches which will be displayed on each results page. With Web Search you will get a powerfull tool to intergrate a fast cgi search function on your website, without having to use a database.

websearch download

WebSearch Documentation
WebSearch Documentation
WebSearch Script Configuration 1
WebSearch Script Configuration 2
WebSearch – limit search

Download Websearch: websearch_files.zip

Single Files included in the WebSearch download:

* websearch.pl: This, of course, is the actual script file.

* Compressed Archives: Both of the above files in a single download. Take your pick!

NOTE: WebSearch requires the find.pl module. This is part of the standard distribution of Perl, and should be available on your system. If, however, for some reason it is not, you can obtain it here.