WebLog is a comprehensive access log analysis tool. It allows you to keep track of activity on your site by month, week, day and hour, to monitor total hits, bytes transferred and page views, and to keep track of your most popular pages. It can also print out secondary reports to track “user sessions,” showing the paths taken through your site by your visitors and giving you a rough idea of how long they spent looking at your pages, and to provide you with information on referring sites, the search engine keywords which brought your visitors and the agents and platforms they used while visiting. It can read NCSA common or combined log files, as well as Microsoft extended format log files.

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WebLog Documentation
WebLog Report 1
WebLog Report 2
Setting up WebLog 1
Setting up WebLog 2
Setting up WebLog 3

WebLog download: weblog_files.zip

Single Files included in this download:
* weblog.pl: This is the main program file. You don’t actually need to do anything to it; in fact, you don’t even have to execute it.
* config.pl: This is the configuration file. Everything you need to change or modify is contained here. This is also the file that you will execute. (Things are set up this way so that you can effectively maintain multiple versions of the script, for example if you want to run separate log analyses for different sites, just by keeping separate config files for each.)
* bar1.gif, bar2.gif, bar3.gif, bar4.gif, and bar5.gif: These five small graphics files are used to create the bar graphs in the main access report.