WebHints allows you to easily set up and maintain a “Hint (Quote/Tip/Joke/Whatever) of the Day” page. Addition of new entries is simple, and the script automatically “turns over” the display the first time it is referenced each day. Old entries are kept on file and may be searched and displayed, as well.

WebHints Online Documentation
Webhints Documentation

WebHints Download: webhints_files.zip

* hints.pl: The main script, which both displays the current daily hint and allows searching and display of older hints.
* hints_add.pl: The script which allows you to add new hints.
* hints_pop.pl: A supplemental script which can be set to run automatically every day. It will ensure that the display is updated each and every day, even on low-traffic sites, and will also notify you when your stock of new hints starts to run low.

* Compressed Archives: All of the above files in one easy download. Take your pick!
o webhints_files.zip