WebAdverts is a comprehensive system for maintaining a set of rotating banner ads on your site or for setting up a “banner exchange” between your site and others (also called “banner exchange script” or “ad script”). Banners can be displayed on your pages via JavaScript, IFRAME, IMG or SSI tags. (Banners may also easily be included on CGI-generated PERL pages.) Multiple “ad zones” can be established, allowing certain banners to appear only on certain pages. WebAdverts keeps track of exposures and click-thrus (CTR = Click Thru Rate) for each banner, as well as of the average total number of exposures per day. Individual passwords allow each of your advertisers to view their own advert stats (overall and daily) without viewing anyone else’s. Banners can be “weighted” to control how often they are displayed, and can automatically be expired from the rotation after a designated number of exposures, click-thrus or days. Webadverts is freeware, but please link back to us, if you use this product.

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Documentation, Usage and FAQ:
WebAdverts Documentation
using WebAdverts
using WebAdverts Part 2

Compressed Archive:
All of the below files in one easy download (.zip): webadverts_files.zip
Modulations & language packets for download (.zip): mods.zip

Flash Integration – you can even track klicks in flash:
Download documentation: flash_track_clicks.doc

Single Files included:
* ads.pl: This is the script you call directly, in order to display banners on your HTML pages.
* ads_display.pl: The script which actually handles the banner displays. It is referenced by the ads.pl script; you don’t need to call it directly.
* ads_admin.pl: The administrative maintenance script. With this script, you can add, edit and delete accounts. It also allows you (and your advertisers) to check on how well your accounts are performing.
* ads_settings.pl: The configuration script containing the majority of the configuration variables used by both the administrative and the display scripts.
* ads_rebuild.pl: This script is called when needed by the administrative script. You don’t need to call it directly or modify it in any way.
* ads_text.pl: This script contains the text passages shown by the administrative script to your advertisers or exchange members. They are separated from the administrative script to make editing or translating easier. Note that this document does *not* include some of the text passages seen only by you, the administrator, and not by your advertisers or exchange members.
* welcome.txt and reject.txt: Example template files for e-mail messages to new exchange members, and to those who you’ve rejected as members.
* ads_history.txt: The complete version history.

Translated Text Files: These files will allow you to easily set up non-English WebAdverts implementations. Simply replace the default ads_text.pl file with the translation file of your choice.
o ads_text_danish.pl: A Danish translation, provided by Kristian Rasmussen.
o ads_text_dutch.pl: A Dutch translation of the ads_text.pl file, provided by Maarten Polderdijk.
o ads_text_dutch2.pl: A modified version of Maarten’s Dutch translation, provided by Jeroen Sloendregt.
o ads_text_french.pl: A French translation, provided by Antonio Guerrero.
o ads_text_german.pl: A German translation of the ads_text.pl file, provided by Robert Malle.
o ads_text_german2.pl: An alternate German translation, provided by Michael Markus.
o ads_text_italian.pl: An Italian translation of the ads_text.pl file, provided by Alessandro Sasdelli.
o ads_text_norwegian.pl: A Norwegian translation, provided by Bernt Bergh.
o ads_text_polish.pl: A Polish translation, provided by Gerard Grech.
o ads_text_portugese.pl: A Portugese translation, provided by Carlos Eduardo Felicio.
o ads_text_portugese2.pl: An alternate Portugese translation, provided by David Almeida, who says the first translation file is more Brazilian than Portugese.
o ads_text_spanish.pl: A Spanish translation of the ads_text.pl file, provided by Carlos Luj�n.
o ads_text_spanish2.pl: An “improved” version of Carlos Luj�n’s translation file, provided by Eduin Yesid Carrillo.

* ads_expire.pl: This is a secondary script which you can run at set intervals via cron to e-mail you whenever accounts in your rotation are nearing expiration. It can also let you know of accounts that have been inactive for a while, or e-mail basic “stat reports” to your advertisers.
* ads_topcount.pl: This is another secondary script, which can be called via JavaScript tags on any of your Web pages to insert “promotional” info about your exchange: number of members, average click-thru rate, and/or a “Top 10 Members” list.

* bannerplus_converter.pl: A simple script which will convert BannerPlus data files to WebAdverts data files.

Download the mods here: webadverts/mods.zip

Have fun with this freeware AWSD Product – dont forget to link us, please :)