CounterLog is a free log tool based on PERL – it monitors accesses, counts clicks, user agents and much more – you just need to include an SSI or javascript code referencing it. It can create NCSA-format agent and referer logs, which can be handy if your server doesn’t happen to already provide you with that information. It can also be used to put text-based access counters on some or all of your pages. (Called via either SSI or JavaScript.) – you will get a powerfull cgi PERL log tool for free – try it! If you like our products and use them, please be so kind to link back to us – AWSD thanks you!

Download log tool

Download Logtools:

AgentLog analyzes NCSA-format combined or agent logs and produces reports listing the agents (browsers) and platforms (operating systems) utilized by visitors to your pages.

RefLog analyzes NCSA-format combined or referer logs and produces reports logging the URLs reported by browsers as the “referers” directing them to your pages. It can also create secondary reports showing the keywords your visitors used in various search engines and directories to locate you.

Examples what log tools can do for you:
* WebScripts Agents/Platforms Report
* WebScripts Referring URLs Report
* WebScripts Keywords Report

Files included in this download: