(1) How do I run WebTester from my browser?

You don’t. WebTester is intended to be run directly from the UNIX command prompt or via the “cron” command. Its output is an HTML file, which can be viewed through your browser.

(2) What is find.pl?

WebTester requires the “find.pl” module. This is part of the standard distribution of Perl, and should be available to you already. If not, you should ask your system administrators about it.

(3) I tried to run the script, and got an error message, “setruid() not implemented” (or something similar). What’s up?

In order to run and parse CGI output, WebTester attempts to assign itself the UID and GID of user “nobody.” (This is the user ID under which Web applications normally run.) This error message indicates that it cannot do so. The only solution is to leave the $ParseCGI variable undefined, and not attempt to parse CGI output. Sorry.

(4) I ran the script, but all I got was a list of “Files Found But Not Referenced,” which includes everything on my Web site!

If all you’re getting on your report is “Files Found But Not Referenced,” there’s probably a problem with the start file you’ve defined. It’s possible that your links are in an unusual format that WebTester doesn’t recognize. More likely, you’ve defined its path using a “symlink” rather than the path returned by the “pwd” command. WebTester tends to have problems with paths that aren’t the “real” paths to your index file.