(1) How can I get rid of the count of days already gone vs. those remaining in the year?

Version 1.11 of WebCal printed on each date in the full table view the number of days already gone in the year and the number still remaining. (That’s the “314/51″-type reference.) In version 1.20, this was made a configurable option.

(2) I can add events via the “add” script, but they aren’t showing up on my calendar. Why not?

You define the data files from which events are to be displayed, in the @datafiles variable. You define the data files which can be edited, in the %editfiles variable. THESE TWO VARIABLES ARE COMPLETELY INDEPENDENT. The script will not assume that any data file belongs in one list, just because it’s included in the other. So if you can add events, but don’t see those events on the calendar, most likely, you’ve simply forgotten to include the relevant data file in your @datafiles definition.