(1) Why are your scripts free? What’s the catch?
(2) Can I advertise on the WebScripts site?
(3) Your scripts are nice, but they don’t quite do what I want done. Where else can I look?
(4) I’ve noticed that a lot of the output pages from your scripts contain links back to the WebScripts site. Is it OK if I remove them?


(1) What exactly is a CGI script, anyway?
(2) I tried to run one of the scripts, but got a server error. What now?
(3) How do I set file permissions? (What is chmod?)
(4) What is cron, and how do I use it?
(5) A lot of configuration variables are supposed to be defined as the “full path” to a file or directory. Is that the same thing as a URL?
(6) OK, well, how do I find the path to a file?
(7) In all your example pathnames, “/usr/” appears only once. In my paths, it appears twice. Is that a problem?
(8) Wait a minute, here. What is UNIX, anyway, and where do I find the command prompt you keep mentioning?
(9) How do I run a program from Telnet?
(10) I don’t have Telnet access….
(11) What’s a CGI-BIN directory?
(12) I’m trying to set up one of your scripts on a (Windows NT / Windows 95 / other non-UNIX) system. How do I….
(13) Can I run the scripts through CGIwrap?
(14) I’m using your scripts on a very busy site, and the server load is getting a bit excessive. What can I do about it?

WEBADVERTS (klick here)

(1) I’m not sure I understand the syntax for the SSI call. How does it work?
(2) I can run from the command line, and it works fine. But when I try to call it via SSI, it doesn’t work. What’s the problem?
(3) I keep getting “File Lock” or “File Permission” errors. Why?
(4) I’m getting an error message saying the script can’t access the “adcount.txt” file. No such file was included in what I downloaded. What’s the message mean?
(5) I’m trying to run the script on a Cobalt RAQ server, but whenever I try to set the administrative password, I get bounced back to the main user intro screen. What’s going on?
(6) The script runs sometimes, but other times I get server errors. My error logs show “null filename used at line X” errors. What gives?
(7) What sort of load can WebAdverts handle, anyway?
(8) I’ve heard that some ISPs have banned WebAdverts. Why?
(9) The script doesn’t seem to run very efficiently. What can I do to improve matters?
(10) I’m trying to use the non-SSI version, and I’m having trouble getting the banners to display properly….
(11) I’m seeing “Content-type” or “Status” lines printed next to my banners. How do I get rid of them?
(12) The script allows me to designate either a maximum number of impressions or a maximum number of click-thrus. Which should I use?
(13) WebAdverts shows lower banner exposure counts than it ought to, given how many times my pages are being loaded. What gives?
(14) WebAdverts shows higher banner exposure or click-thru counts than it ought to. What gives?
(15) Can I have banners automatically refresh after a certain amount of time, even if the page isn’t reloaded?
(16) On some of my pages, banners don’t show up when the page is first loaded, but show up if it’s reloaded. Why?
(17) I’m having problems with MSIE users being sent to the wrong destination when they click on banners. What can I do?
(18) AOL users are getting “Invalid Destination” errors when they click on banners! What can I do?
(19) I don’t want to have to create separate IMG tags (with new page numbers) for each banner call. Do I really have to?
(20) How can I track click-thrus in Flash ads?

WEBBBS (klick here)

(1) The documentation says the board’s configuration file can be in the same directory as the data, but my server only allows CGI scripts to be in the CGI-BIN directory! Is this a problem?
(2) How do I set up multiple boards?
(3) How can I prevent certain individuals from posting on my BBS?
(4) I’m confused about how the “NEW” message notification works….
(5) The system load seems excessive. What can I do?
(6) What is LWP::Simple?

WEBCAL (klick here)

(1) How can I get rid of the count of days already gone vs. those remaining in the year?
(2) I can add events via the “add” script, but they aren’t showing up on my calendar. Why not?

WEBLOG (klick here)

(1) How do I run WebLog from my browser?
(2) Where do I find the access log that WebLog uses as input?
(3) Does WebLog handle compressed log files?
(4) The name of my log file is different each day. It’s always in the format, “www.YYMMDD.” How am I supposed to define $LogFile?
(5) My log files contain only IP numbers rather than fully-qualified domain names. How to I find out what domains are visiting my site?
(6) What if I have multiple days’ files accumulated when I try to run WebLog, or the log file contains data from several days?
(7) I keep getting “Out of Memory” errors when I try to run WebLog. What can I do?

WEBSEARCH (klick here)

(1) How many files can WebSearch handle before it becomes too slow to be practical?
(2) What is
(3) I’m trying to run WebSearch, but it keeps telling me that 0 files were searched. Why?
(4) The server on which my site is located doesn’t allow CGI scripts. I’d like to set up WebSearch on another server to search the pages on my site. How can I do that?
(5) I can’t seem to get WebSearch to search my database correctly. How should I set up my files so it can find the relevant records?

WEBTESTER (klick here)

(1) How do I run WebTester from my browser?
(2) What is
(3) I tried to run the script, and got an error message, “setruid() not implemented” (or something similar). What’s up?
(4) I ran the script, but all I got was a list of “Files Found But Not Referenced,” which includes everything on my Web site!