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Minecraft is a game developed with the use of Java and sports a sandbox-creating independent game. The main gameplay that Minecraft revolves in is building or constructing. The virtual world is significantly made of cubical blocks that are placed in a fixed grid pattern that embodies diverse materials, including dirt, stone, different ores, and water and tree trunks. While the gamer can move freely within the game interface, objects can only be positioned at a fixed area that is within the scope of the grid. The player can accumulate these item blocks and set them elsewhere. This potentially creates different constructions or structures in the game world.


Minecraft has three different accessible game modes, namely Survival, Hardcore and Creative. The classic mode is the earliest complimentary version and first publicized only a creative game mode with only constructing elements of the game and a countless supply of blocks. The game was then divided into a single-player survival mode, also known as Survival Mode Test, which comprised of monsters and a more expansive diversity of blocks and goods accessible, as well as requiring the gamer to mine their own pieces of blocks.

The game initiates by positioning the player on the surface of a massive procedurally generated virtual world. The player then needs to explore the environment and walk across platforms that comprise of plains, mountains, caves and other bodies of water. The game world is also separated into biomes that range from snowfields to deserts and any environment in between. The game’s time system is designed with a day and night cycle.

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