Best Word Processing App for IPad 2

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If you are looking for the best word processing app for the Apple iPad 2, the following are the applications receiving the most attention at present. What follows is a list of four, beginning with the as yet best rated by customer reviews on the iTunes App Store.

iA Writer by Information Architects, Inc.
If you are looking for a simple and straight-to-the-point word processor, this app offers a no-distraction interface. By removing the multitude of options for formatting what you are writing, iA Writer creates basic formatting on its own, allowing you to focus on your writing. And speaking of focus, this application has a unique FocusMode which eliminates the tendency to cross-edit what you have already written. Importing and exporting as plain text, iA Writer syncs flawlessly with iCloud, Dropbox, the built-in Mail program and iTunes File Sharing. Currently priced at a discounted rate of $1.99 in the iTunes App Store, iA Writer holds a customer review rating of a solid 4 stars.

Pages by Apple, Inc.
Created by the makers of the iPad 2, the Pages application allows you to view and edit Pages ’09 (.pages), Microsoft Word (.doc and .docx) and plain text (.txt) files, while exporting under your choice of Pages ’09, Microsoft Word or PDF extenstions. With a drag and drop feature, this app syncs to iCloud and automatically keeps documents up to date across all iOS devices. Pages includes 16 Apple templates, the use of the onscreen or a wireless keyboard, as well as charts and tables for organizing data. iTunes File Sharing allows for easily importing from Mail, the web, a WebDAV service or any other PC or Mac computer. Currently priced at $9.99 in the iTunes App Store, the Pages app holds a 3.5 star rating for the currently released version and 4 stars for all versions.

Office2 HD by Byte2
This application offers a complete office suite for your IPad 2, allowing you to open, view, create and edit files from Microsoft Word, Excel and Powerpoint. A video providing an overview of the program can be found here: Office2 easily connects to stored documents from Google Docs, DropBox and MobileMe iDisk. Byte2 also offers a more basic app which works only with .doc and .docx formats, Doc2 HD. Currently priced at $7.99, Office2 carries an average of 3 stars in the iTunes App Store.

Documents to Go Premium Office Suite by Data Viz, Inc.
Doc2Go offers similar services as the Office2 Suite listed above. With the same rating of 3 stars, this app is priced at $16.99 through iTunes App Store.

Rumors about the iPhone 5

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Rumors about the iPhone 5- What is the latest buzz? iPhone is probably one of the most coveted line of multimedia smartphones manufactured and marketed by the Apple Inc Company. iPhone 4S is the 4th generation of iPhones released till date. The next generation of iPhone, iPhone 5 is due release in the upcoming year. The iPhone series comes with high end features like video camera, media player, email and internet browsing facilities. It has inbuilt Wi-Fi and 3G connectivity and can also send as well as receive visual voice-mail. The user interface includes multi touch screen with a virtual keyboard and certainly the device contains a wide range of Apple application software like various games, GPS navigation, social networking via Facebook, Twitter, Skype along with options to watch films and television shows.

Though Apple Inc would not reveal all the features and specifications of the new iPhone 5 before it is officially available in the market, we can still deduce some of the major features that can be expected in the new smartphone such as a higher resolution camera than its predecessor and a larger screen size. Some rumours circulating about the iPhone 5 are as follows:

• It might have multi touch gestures bringing with it over 200 unique features which would include an improved News Stand, Notification system and iMessage facilities.

• The new iPhone 5 is expected to come with the advanced iCloud feature which is a cloud storing and computing attribute from Apple. It allows users to store data such as music files, video files on remote computer servers. It also allows access to wireless remote music from computers and all mobile devices. The iPhone 5 will automatically synchronise with the iCloud facility so as to enable users to store pictures, applications, calendars, emails, contacts, bookmarks, and other data without having to store them into the phone’s memory.

• Another feature could be an A5 chip main processor that comes with dual core ARM Cortex-A9 CPU and NEON SIMD accelerator as well as dual core Power VR SGX543MP2 GPU which will enable the iPhone to perform twice the work of the current iPhone 4S. The speed of the processor will be around 1.5 Ghz and its RAM will also be around 1GB.

• The phone would have a rear facing 8MP dual LED flash camera and a front facing camera to enable video chatting. It will work to the 360 Panorama in the Application store. The video resolution of the iPhone 5 can be a full 1080p for HD recording. The screen size would be about 4 inches with a higher resolution.

According to information leaked by Lulzsec, the iPhone 5 may also offer 4G connectivity and will have Long Term Evolution network compatibility. The International Business Times has it, that the new iPhone will also feature a new SIM less design with 2 to 3 internal antennas for GSM and CDMA compatibility. This will make the iPhone literally a world class device.

Best Travel Apps for iPad 2

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When planning your next vacation, whether you’re flying or driving, there is no better travel companion than the iPad 2. With hundreds of travel apps to choose from you’re sure to find exactly what you need to make your trip go as smoothly as possible. Let’s take a look at some of the more helpful travel apps for the iPad 2.

Before your trip begins you’ll want to download Essential Travel Checklist. This app offers separate checklists for every aspect of preparing for your trip from pre-trip preparations to things to pack for the kids and what to keep in your carry on so you can travel with peace of mind that you’ve forgotten nothing. is a simple and fast way to find and reserve one of over 175,000 hotels. This app allows you to enter your destination city and accommodation details and will give you a list of area hotels along with pricing and a brief description of each one.

If you’re going to be flying, FlightTrack Pro is an excellent app for keeping up to date on flight status, gate changes and weather reports. If your flight gets delayed or cancelled you can easily find other flights without getting out of line. With the offline feature you can even access your flight route while in the air.

No vacation would be complete without access to Tripadvisor. There is no better recommendation for a hotel, restaurant or entertainment venue than one from someone who has been there and done that. It even allows you to write and post your own reviews.

Tripadvisor App for the iPhone

Yelp offers a quick link to any type of business you may need. Whether it’s a dry cleaner for that mishap during dinner, the nearest gas station to top off your tank, or a specialty store to shop for that perfect gift, Yelp provides information and reviews provided by the locals of the town you’re in.

There are hundreds more apps for iPad 2 ranging from GPS apps to games for keeping the kids entertained. Search the web for the apps that best suit your needs. Many are free, and others are offered for a minimal fee.

Games for the Samsung Galaxy S2

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Any smartphone owner will tell you that two of the biggest features on the phones that they enjoy are the applications and games that can be downloaded to the phone. With great media features that come with the phone, the games that are available for the device are even more appealing. Whether they are free games or paid ones, you can find a vast array to meet your needs.

The Samsung Galaxy S2 – a good phone for games?

One of the more popular games available is Angry Birds. This game has become extremely popular on all smartphone devices and has quickly grown into a global favorite. Catapulting birds into buildings has never been more popular and this is proof of that. Any owner of the Samsung Galaxy S II should download this one right away.

Real Football 2011 is a great option for any soccer fan out there. With decent graphics, the game plays very well. You can jump into the action on the free version and play an exhibition game or simply try out penalty kicks. The speaker on the phone is a great feature which enhances the game play immensely.

GT Racing is a game for those racing fans. You can jump into a quick race or begin a career. Pick your car type along with the colors and features to make the racing experience more true to life. The graphics look great on the screen and the tilting feature on your phone, make the game so much more fun. Any racing fan or car fan in general would love to have this on their phone.

Tegra 2 is a fun game which involved using a speed boat. Much like GT Racing, you turn as your title your phone. The graphics on this game, along with the other games looks phenomenal. There is a lot realism with the waves as you ride and the scenes in the background really give you a great presentation. With different places to race in, you get a real variety.

Brothers in Arms 2 is a great option for those that are more into shooting games. There is a free version available for you to download to try out before purchasing. It is like most first person shooters as you go through a forest doing battle with the enemies. The HD availability of the game looks spectacular and paying to play the entire game would be worth it for any first person shooter fan.

Designer Laptop Bags

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It seems that everywhere you turn that someone is working on their laptop. Laptops are more prevalent now than personal home computers. You can charge up your laptop and take it to work, school, vacation, or just use it on the sofa in your house. So many people now have laptops that people need to make sure that their investment is protected. One of the best ways to make sure that your valuable laptop is taken care of is to invest in an iSkin Silo laptop bag. There are many designs that will fit all of your fashion looks. They are durable and will fit just about any laptop on the market.

iSkin is the leader in fashionable and cool laptop bags. These bags are not just an ordinary laptop bag that you can pick up at the big chain stores. These bags give maximum protections from damage that can occur during your rush to work or school. The iSkin Silos come in three styles. The first style is the “Slim” style. The slim is compact and can easily slip in a carrying bag or even a large purse. It is made of the most durable material and features an easy removal pull out tab. This tab is really cool because it helps slide out your laptop for easy and safe removal. The Slim also has an external pocket for your accessories or car keys.

The second style of iSkin laptop bag is the “Tote”. The Tote is build inside like a purse. Even with your laptop and power cords, you will find plenty of space in the other interior pockets. The tote is simply like carrying a shoulder bag with the convenience of also containing your laptop. The bottom of your Tote has metal studs that keep it off of the floor to keep your Tote from becoming filthy. On those taxi rides, or subway, the Tote will stay as clean as the day you bought it. The third type of iSkin laptop bag is the “Messenger”. The Messenger has a lot of interior pockets as well including a secret pocket for maximum protection. The Messenger also has a woven strap that is extremely comfortable and gives the Messenger a casual business look. Whichever look you are looking for, iSkin has it covered with the absolute best in laptop bags. It is the perfect mix of fashion and practicality.

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